Work on a cross-functional team to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Independence Blue Cross. The company celebrated their 85th anniversary all year in 2023, but the main event was on the actual anniversary of the company in November. The team created an in-person exhibit (with artifacts, display panels, and digital signage), a virtual exhibit for associates, and hosted an event. I was honored at a Board meeting for my role on this project and awarded a Blue Carpet Award from Independence.
Role: Historian, Writer, Designer​​​​​, Coordinator
I created a virtual exhibit for associates on the associate intranet (platform: SharePoint Cloud). To create the website I researched content, found and scanned images, and curated a total of five pages - a homepage with an overview of the history of the company (complete with a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt as one of the company's first subscribers!), our founder, associates through the years, our headquarters, and community. Research included interviews with current associates, finding older assets, reading hundreds of issues of newsletters and annual reports, and looking through historical artifacts. The result was an engaging site that saw a record-number of views and engagement. I created the video below for the intranet homepage and used as a call to action to drive associates to the virtual exhibit and the celebration event.

Home page of 85th anniversary site

Associate page of the 85th anniversary site

Teaser video used on the intranet homepage for the 85th anniversary site and event

The in-person exhibit was created for the general public and unveiled at the 85th anniversary event. It included exhibition panels, digital signs, projection mapping, and historical artifacts. I curated the artifact displays and worked with copywriters on the label identifications. For all other exhibit assets - panels, wraps, digital signage, project mapping I was one of two final approvers on the materials.
Working on the collaborative project with a diverse cross-functional team comprised of associate communications, creative services, copywriters, PR, facilities, associate engagement, procurement, and C-Suite executives was an enriching experience that underscored the power of collective creativity and cooperation. We seamlessly merged our individual expertise and perspectives, to work towards our shared goal - celebrating the company. For me, the project reinforced the value of teamwork and how well it can be achieved in a virtual space and brought to life in an in-person space. The team worked well together and successfully honored the company's achievements. I am proud to say that I was one of 7 members of this team honored at a Board meeting. I was also awarded a STARs Standing Ovation Award, one of the company's highest awards, for this work.
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