To design reentry materials for associates including a logo, an identity sheet, toolkit templates (Word), HTML email template, and intranet sites for associates and permissions for managers.
The challenge of this project was the ever shifting COVID-19 landscape. Information rapidly changed and what was needed one day, wasn't needed the next. This was a large project team with different people working on training, health and safety, facilities and beyond. The scope of this specific project was internal messaging and associate communications.
This was a highly collaborative process that started with a wish list. And then it was streamlined down into what was easy to update. That became the key word for this project - easy to update! This is because of the quick moving information.
Some examples of "easy to update:" 
-Word templates were devised so the appropriate people could use them for their teams and make changes themselves as they needed
-The SharePoint intranet site was created so teams of people could update the information
-The HTML email template was also developed as a WORD email template so divisions could send out branded communications themselves
A logo was developed to demarcate reentry materials. Likewise, and identify guide was created for designers on various teams to use to remain on brand. Designers on the COVID-19 reentry team worked together to share assets so everything merged together. The imagery on the SharePoint site, for example, was pulled from the Associate and Manager digital training sessions.
This was a very fast-moving, yet slow project. The team started working on it in April of 2020 and you can imagine the number of updates and changes it needed to go through, even to get it ready for review with executives and the legal team.  Because reentry was continually delayed, vaccines became available and new variants emerged, the information was always new and different, and in the end was never needed or published. It's an example of an important project and piece of work that never fully came to fruition. But it was an important one to work on. It allowed me to work collaboratively with new departments, create a design look and feel together, and expanded my knowledge of HTLM and SharePoint.
Thank you for your message. I'll be back in touch with you shortly. -Andrea, Miller Tan Creative

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